12000 kr / 7000 kr

Senior / Junior

Before you decide if you want to hire one of us, we will meet and have an unconditional free meeting of about 30 minutes where we get a chance to see if we are a good fit for each other and we go through if we can meet needs and wishes.

2 Birth preparation meeting - approx. 1.5 hours

On call 1 week before - two weeks after the due date

Back-up doula

1 Postpartum meeting - approx. 1.5 h


Opportunity to contact us by phone and email throughout the process if you have

questions or are in need of support. Different prices for a junior or senior doula.

Doulapackage ABORTION 

Price on request

If you are going to have an abortion and feel that you do not have a suitable support person, or want additional support, we are here. We are then present during the entire hospital visit and also at home if there is a need for it. A follow-up call or meeting can also be arranged if the need should arise.


For people under the age of 18, we offer free support. Contact us for more information.


Contact us for price

Price on request

Have you heard of the fourth trimester?

It is the oftentimes fragile and amazing time right after a baby is born. It is a time of growth. change, hormone showers and new challenges. A postpartum doula can support and facilitate everything from cooking to breastfeeding support. All for the parent/parents and children to get the best start in their life together as a family.


Different families have different needs and therefore the price is event-adapted.

Contact us for price

Doulapackage EXPRESS

Price on request

Due to the hospitals' temporary rules regarding accompanying support persons, we now offer an emergency package for those who are worried about this.

Contact us below if this is something you are interested in, in that case, we can start by booking a 30 minute meeting, which of course is free.