Post Partum Package

Finally, I have found a way to combine my love of cooking and my passion for caring for and empowering people in general, but women in particular.

During the almost 11 years I have worked as a nurse, I have many times wondered why it's allowed to serve patients boring, tasteless and often unappetizing food. Shouldn't the care system be a role model and show patients how to eat to reduce the risk of them coming back? How much harder will it be to recover and heal if the food is bad?

After a relatively short career as a doula, it has become clear that many new parents not only eat the hospital's substandard food but continue to eat worse than they often wish when they return home. They are tired, have no energy to either shop or cook. As if that were not enough, they rarely get any information about the diet after birth. Books and brochures are full of information about what you can and cannot eat before and even during pregnancy, but after that?

I am by no means a nutrition expert, but when I make my food for the new parent, I have a few cornerstones I stick to that I think go a long way:

  1. It should look appetizing

  2. It should be easy to cook

  3. It should be high in fibre

  4. It should be colourful

  5. Climate-smart - very locally grown, organic and good packaging.

The goal is that 90% of the ingredients are organic, "saved" and/or Swedish, and seasonal. In this way, you maximize taste, nutrient density and work with, instead of against nature.



“Again, thank you so much for a great food package. Will definitely recommend and spread the word! "

Customer, gave birth November 2020


“Thank you so much for the best food! It was absolutely fantastic and we are so grateful. ”

Customer, gave birth October 2020

Order and content

PPP includes:

Breakfast - Example: porridge mix, seed mixture, dried fruit, peanut butter

Lunch / dinner - Example:  super smooth carrot soup, ramen, belugabolognese,

Portuguese sardine pie

Between meals - 3 different smoothie bases

Snack - Example: raw ballz, flap jacks, bars, dark chocolate

Extra - Breastfeeding tea or raspberry leaf tea from Gryningen.

To think about before ordering

All food comes in glass jars to be used over and over again. These must be returned by the customer to Liljeholmen no later than 10 days after delivery. If a can is damaged/breaks, you pay SEK 50 per damaged can. Shit happens.

PPP can be ordered by anyone to anyone. Pregnant, new parents, those who have lost a child, persons who have just gone through surgery, or someone who is struggling to try to have children. Vegans, carnivores and omnivores.

I receive and confirm as many orders as I can, but it is "first come, first serve" that applies.

After ordering

After filling in and sending the order form, I send a confirmation that I have received the order and that I can deliver. Then the customer notifies when they have arrived home after birth / is ready for delivery and at that time the payment is made via Swish.

Then just enjoy and be strengthened by the food.



SEK 695 including delivery within Stockholm. PPP is for one person for three days.

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