about us


We who started the Doula collective are called Opokua and Frida . We met during our ODIS-certified doula training in 2019 and decided shortly afterwards that together we wanted to create a space for doulors, births and support people with a focus on inclusivity, openness

and the belief in the woman. We are both driven to do the best for the mothers and for women to have the peace and strength of having their own birth. We are there as a support for you and your potential partner to make your experience the best possible.

Together we have a very broad background

many different experiences. We are also trained via the Danish Nordlys Center in giving pregnancy massage.


We all have different histories and experiences but what we have in common is that

everyone wants to be seen and listened to during life's most demanding situations. Getting both physical and emotional support, from a doula, for example, is not something that is reserved for a certain type of person or couple. Whether you are a first-time mother or have given birth to a dozen children, whether you are just pissed and expectant or terrified, alone

or surrounded by a cheerleader, you deserve to feel

safe during pregnancy, at birth and the first,

sometimes fragile, time as a parent. And that's exactly where we come in.


Welcome to be part of the Doula collective.