Opokua has worked as a  nurse for 10 + years. She has worked as a certified doula since the summer of 2019. But even before that, she had experience from births after gaining the confidence to be a support person at both friends 'and siblings' births. In 2006, she worked as an assistant in a maternity ward in Ghana and assisted both vaginal and cesarean deliveries.​

I love caring for people both at home and in the hospital and feel that I have found another role where I can use the clinical experiences that I have gained during these years, but without having any medical responsibility. The biggest and best difference between the role as a doula and the role as a nurse is that I usually get to meet clients several times, get to know them and thus have the time and opportunity to personalize my role. Generally, I can and want to support emotionally and physically and be 100% present, during pregnancy, abortion, childbirth and/or during the child/parent/parents' first period.

 I am passionate about POC (people of colour) parents/mothers. I know how vulnerable you can feel in everyday contexts and it is not something anyone should have to experience or be afraid of ever, but especially not when meeting with hospital personnel. Many POC’s already feel abandoned and at a disadvantage. Often I can both understand and alleviate most of the anxiety and fear one might have.

Each assignment is unique and I look forward to hearing from you, regardless of constellation, experience and background. 

I take assignments in the Stockholm/Uppsala area.

 Both English and Swedish speaking clients welcome