Throughout her life, Frida has gained extensive experience through many different professionswhere she worked a lot with people, children and some with people with functional variations. Here she has learned to make people feel safe and seen and become a strong, secure, loving and empathetic person.


She has also always had a great interest in the female body, women's health, pregnancies, births and children and would like to work with women's health in a larger perspective in the future.




From my fire for women who have only grown bigger, I have felt that doula would be my cold in life. I see that it is so important for women to be able to give birth safely

ways in which the woman herself feels strong, secure, comfortable and seen in.


Your birth should be allowed to be in the center and be minimally disturbed by the hospital's routines that run in parallel. I am there to help you feel safe and in focus.

Since I get to know you before it's time for birth, I can make it easier for you and bring your case if and when needed. And this way I can be

an extra support for you during your unique birth and help you get the best possible experience under your own conditions.

I welcome everyone with open arms, but especially people with functional variations, LGBTQ + and independent giving.


I take assignments in and around Stockholm. Feel free to contact me even if you live in, for example in Södertälje or Uppsala.

// Frida